These are the weekly didactic conferences for the Neurosurgery Department.  Schedules may be subject to change on occasion.

Time 1st Thursday 2nd Thursday 3rd Thursday 4th Thursday 5th Thursday
8:00 AM

Neuroradiology Conference

Critical Care Conference

Endovascular Case Discussion

Critical Care Conference

Resident/Faculty Meeting

9:00 AM

Neuropathology Conference

M&M Conference

Neuropathology Conference

Journal Club Conference


(9-11 AM)


10:00 AM

Case Discussion

Grand Rounds

Topic Review with Dr. Pittman

Grand Rounds

11:00 AM

Stroke Physicians Practice Guidelines Meeting

Education Lecture

Education Lecture

Education Lecture

Education Lecture


The Department offers each resident the opportunity to attend one national Neurosurgery conference a year.  Registration, travel, and lodging are all prepaid by the Department.  The Department also provides an annual educational fund via the purchase of new neurosurgical books based upon the level of training.




Most of the training is done at the UK Medical Center.  Neurosurgery rotations will include the VA Medical Center, UK Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as the possibility of subspecialty rotations.


PGY-7 – 6 months each
Neurosurgery UK
Research/Subspecialty rotation


Neurosurgery UK


UK GSH – 3 months
Neurosurgery UK – 3 months
Neurosurgery VAMC – 6 months each


UK GSH – 3 months each
Research – 3 months each
Neurosurgery UK – 6 months each


Neurosurgery – 10 months each
Neuroradiology – 1 month each
Neuropathology/Neuroanatomy  – 1 month each


PGY-2 – 12 months each


Neurosurgery – 3 months each
Neurology – 3 months each
ENT – 1 month each
General Surgery – 5 months each