The curriculum of the University Of Kentucky Department Of Neurosurgery Residency Program is modeled according to the six general competencies endorsed by the ACGME.  This document is a summary of the teaching goals, objectives, and requirements of the residents on the rotation, the evaluation processes, the required and optional conferences, and the individuals to whom the resident is responsible.  It should be emphasized that many specific requirements, especially protocols and attending preferences, are not included in the curriculum.  Many of these are supplied to the residents at the beginning of the rotation.  The purpose of the curriculum is to provide the resident with basic educational expectations for each specific rotation.  The curriculum is not an all-inclusive list of the educational objectives and some of the specific objectives may not be met during the rotation, as variation in exposure to patients exists during the year.  However, the residents can use this curriculum as they evaluate their experience on the various rotations.


The following curriculum is for the 2012/13 year and is subject to change.


Download the Curriculum (PDF)